Okay, I am a 25 year old guy... who has NEVER written a review in my life, thats how good my experience was. Here is what made me change my ways: I have worked full time since I was a Junior in high school, I have always been a saver ... ... I have always looked into the products and reviews of items before I purchased them, I have NEVER went to a new retail store with bad reviews... hell I have never gone into a store with less than 5 reviews, even if they were good ones! I never thought I would make one of the most important and largest purchases at a store 1) I have never been too, 2) has some negative reviews on here... SO this is why I am writing this, because I know many men especially are like myself! This was the first major purchase I made...with out the help of my now wife... I was 100% absolutely terrified. The only talk of a ring on her part was "I want it to be what you think I want, I want to see how well you know me... I know you'll get it right honey" ummm. Did she forget I was a man? The pressure was one to find a ring that reminded me of her... so I walked into Kays Jewelers and not one ring was 5' 4" curvy in all the right places and made my heart melt... so now I am lost by what she means "Reminds you of me" and immediately start staring at the sales associates with "Help me Eyes" I was young, dirty from work and clearly to broke to get the service I needed... they weren't busy but too busy for me unfortunately... after 35 minutes of looking like a lost puppy I left... got in my car and drove around.... I was terrified... I had an even worse idea of what she wanted and no where to go... I mean... THATS where 25 year old guys go... the mall... so I was driving around and I went to go to the bank to pull out some cash I moved to grand haven 3 years ago but headed to the PNC in muskegon because I was meeting my friends for lunch out there... well theres no PNC in Sight but there was a jewelry store... sign from god in my book so I went in... honestly at this point... I didn't even need a review I needed a ring and a woman to help me find one... that was it. The first thing that happened when I walked in that door was "Hello! Welcome to Sanborns" and they were BUSY! I felt welcomed, I felt comfortable and I felt like I was wanted there by the employees. A woman named Christy helped me find the ring of my now wife's dreams by simply having a conversation with me. She didn't act like I was waisting her time... even though I looked close to homeless being so dirty from work... She learned about my wife through a very enjoyable conversation and I know I wouldn't of gotten this right with out her. (I know because when I proposed after tears and "Yes!!!" came "Did you call my mom to ask her what kind I wanted??? There was no way you did this good by yourself!") They helped bring the biggest smile to the face of the most important woman in my life I will forever be grateful. I yes me... hand picked a diamond and the band it went in and customized my wifes ring... which made me feel so much more apart of it. Funny thing is... it was the same price if not less than the rings at other stores I saw in the cases that they just pull out and put in a bag. This ring I! made... came from my heart and I am glad I was able to have that process... and seeing my now wife stare at it daily and say "Look at how it sparkles" and seeing her face when other girls say "I Love your ring" is such a positive feeling that keeps happening and will keep happening... because I bought her quality and a ring that will last our whole lives together... So men... if you're still reading this... take my word for it... I mean, this is something YOU don't want to get wrong I am guessing... Read More
I went into Sanborn's not knowing what I wanted to get my wife for Christmas. The helpful staff showed me some of their poplar jewelry and were very patient with me as I made my final decision. Thank you for taking the time to help me. She loved it!
The service and quality is amazing! I will be a lifelong customer.
Helpful staff and good price on a custom design
Love the new store. Great selection and terrific service too...
Sanborn's is amazing! The customer serves is spot on. They are very helpful every time I go in. Definitely recommend you go here!
Love shopping the privately owned, hometown stores. Friendly staff, great selection for any of your jewelry needs. I send all my friends & family there. I won't shop anywhere else!

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